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LLM Costumes

Fursuit Features

This is a detailed over view of what to expect from your fursuit by LLM Costumes! 


Head Liner

As of May 2023, all new clients will have fully lined (head and neck) fursuit heads! The fabric used is custom printed lycra that is 90% machine sewn into the fursuit head! It s very comfortable, and helps keep you cool during your suiting experience!

Sturdy Foam Core Tails

LLM tails are made with a sturdy foam core base. The belt you provide is meant to go through the lined opening of the sides of the tail, and lays flat and firmly against the middle hip/tailbone area of your back. You can wag, jump, and smoosh to your hearts content!



LLM offers 100% machine sewn bodysuits with the exception of markings that are too small to fit through the machine. Each seam is gone over twice using strong gutermann thread to ensure durability!  *photo used is a work in progress, but is used to show the machine sewn seams*


LLM offers a variety of paw types using patterns from within the community, and are 100% machine sewn with the exception of markings too small for the machine!

Materials used for the paws themselves are typically faux fur, but could be anything from minky to neoprene depending on the character! Those details would be discussed with the client. All puffy handpaws types are lined with my custom printer lycra fabric. All flat handpaw types do not come with lining. You may request lining to be added to flat paws if desired at an additional cost.  Materials used for pawpads and claws are minky, neoprene, or fleece. Please note that handpaws can be made into hooves, or most non mammal species, just ask! If you desire a specific material, please contact me/add that specification in your quote form.



LLM offers this specific footpaw style and can feature either our indoor style with sewn (minky, fleece, neoprene, or vinyl) pawpads, or our outdoor style with durable eva bottoms. All feetpaws are lined and built on top of shoes (crocs) that are provided by the client. Crocs are waterproof, light weight, and easy to clean, making them ideal for fursuit feet! 


LLM offers hand wefted hair as an option for your fursuit head! As of April 2023, this option uses a latch hook techniques for the back of the head to give the fursuit head a full head of hair that's easier to maintain! The front of the head uses a different wefting technique that allows me to form and style the bangs in place!

This option, while aesthetically pleasing, is not recommended for inexperienced fursuiters. It requires additional maintenance and care, and can, in some cases, add more heat depending on how much hair is added. Additionally, if you opt in for styled hair with waves or curls, please be aware that these will eventually fall. While I do my very best to style them into place, this is still a type of hair, and hair does submit to gravity/humidity/wind/etc. and will need to be tamed and restyled eventually. I do offer a service for this should you need restyling and are not confident in doing it yourself. 

A "Hair care guide" is provided to all clients who choose this option!



All fursuit eyes are hand painted and sealed with a glossy/waterproof coat (although waterproof, please do not submerge eyes in water). 

3D eyes have thick EVA foam rims that are securely installed in the head with an additional layer of eva foam and felt.

2D eyes are built on sturdy plastic, and is also the same material used for the scleras on 3D eyes!  


All bases are 100% carved by hand using a mixture of firm charcoal and upholstery foam! My building style uses the same techniques for each head, but is changed slightly to make each individual fursuit unique!

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